PS点线风格化艺术滤镜Pixeology Artistic Halftone正式版下载

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PS点线风格化艺术滤镜Pixeology Artistic Halftone正式版下载

Artistic Halftone is a set of Photoshop plug-ins help to create special halftone effects. It includes the following four filters.

Pixeology Artistic Halftone正式版是一款PS的点线风格或者说是网格风格滤镜生成器,用在各种海报和创意处理上非常不错,但是要求处理的图片不要太杂乱,特别是前景和背景之间。

Stipple. stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. The technology was popular before the invention of heliography. With Stipple filter, you can create beautiful stippling artworks in seconds.

Stochastic Screen. Stochastic Screening is a halftone process based on pseudo-random distribution of halftone dots, using frequency modulation (FM) to change the density of dots according to the gray level desired.

Texture Halftone. Texture halftone filter makes halftone images with any texture.

Anyscreen. Rather than producing shading with regular array of dots or straight lines, Anyscreen creates halftone screens of any shape you prefer.

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