PS滤镜包软件Reactor Player1破解版下载

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PS滤镜包软件Reactor Player1破解版下载

Reactor Player is probably the most powerful Adobe Photoshop plug-in we ever created. It is shipped with a number of expertly created Art and Photo filters, but for a curious mind, that is just the beginning. When you combine the Player with the Photo Reactor (separate Windows application) you can then deconstruct all the supplied effects to their basic components, see how they are created, change or create your very own filters and then use them inside Adobe Photoshop again.

Reactor Player是一款PS滤镜包合集,主要包含照片艺术化滤镜,比如油画效果,水彩效果等,还包好照片后期调色滤镜包,比如HDR效果,色增强等。

64-bit power inside 32-bit Adobe PhotoShop © If you are still running 32-bit Photoshop (or compatible 32-bit application) on 64 bit Windows we have a great news for you! Even inside the 32-bit Photoshop the Reactor Player plug-in will run as a 64-bit application in its own memory space with all the benefits of speed and memory the 64-bit platform offers.

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