Women don’t go back to your SMS phone solution

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Question 1:
My high school classmate, is a woman, of course, playing well in high school, the university also often contact, but mostly I gave her a cell phone or SMS. At first, but I don’t know how to continue to chase her. Fortunately, look after your things gave me a lot of confidence.

We graduated from university, now working in a city, but now feeling is that feeling of brinkmanship… How do not develop… Graduated from the beginning very good, but I don’t know why, later she always don’t back to my message, call her cell phone is also often don’t pick up. Don’t tell me why. Two days before I met her, wanted to go up and asked her why she didn’t pick up my mobile phone, but no chance, she saw I love reason disregard, quite embarrassing.

Question 2:

About a month ago, in the work met a beautiful MM on the bus, she asked me the end of the car, and then began a fairly pleasant communication, about 1 hour, natural is coming at the end of the phone, later added a chat tools, saw her space, have basic sure have a boyfriend, but singles day that day and she asked casually, she said she was single, a few times actively looking for her chat in the evening, she had often slow to back, even not to return.

When I was about to give up, she will take the initiative to did I chat, or even a few days ago about me back to my hometown (our hometown, and in a city), I am at a loss, don’t know what is going through this woman, don’t know, and laid hands on him.

May in some cases, what did you do make a woman feel a little uncomfortable. (this is just speculation, many men do is of great room for improvement) maybe you show a little bit nervous. Perhaps your performance is to please her. (I’m sure you do, please her to dinner, always take the initiative to phone her, and so on.) Maybe you in the right eye contact, feel less confident. Don’t back to SMS, don’t answer the phone, chat tools back slowly, etc., the root cause of this problem is not in itself. Instead, attraction not ready before, haven’t let women attracted to you. Or is talking to a woman, let a woman think you boring. So, the key question is, you don’t know how to create attraction and a woman, let a woman like you.

Fruit woman doesn’t answer the phone, not to return messages, not to return messages, or back to slow to do before, there are two concepts is that you must want to know:

1, women always give man mobile phone contact, etc. Women have a lot of reason to give a mobile phone. Maybe she likes to be attention, or simply to get away from the man, so every day there are a lot of men contact her (beauty more).

2, and women expect men to contact them. And if a man did not get through their mobile phones, they want men to continue playing.

So think about man met a woman usually won’t SMS, don’t answer the phone… They will do something, you and they do the same? If you do the same with them, a woman will feel that you are just one of them. This is good for you?

If you are a just know this girl, strike up a conversation or in activity in the understanding, the introduction, to know, you are successful to her cell phone, cell phone to her the next day, she didn’t answer? So, at this moment there is a super simple way, is connected to two mobile phones, or not to meet, then play, play until she pick up your phone. But note that most for four, not more than four. Had been a little more than four.

For some you strike up a conversation, or a new understanding of woman, you need for a few more mobile phone, she would pick up. She once meet, you don’t ask her why she didn’t answer the phone just now. But to pretend to be a break, and then with the method of the tutorial will teach you how to how to chat.

So if you send text messages, her not to return, you can give her cell phone. She didn’t pick up, you’re connected to play a few times, or not more than four times. 4 if you still don’t meet, you are a few days, phone again to her every other day. Played a week, if you don’t meet, ha ha, brother, that you have to reflect on, before you is how to mobile phones. Before phone what did you do to attract. Find out where the problem is, the revised next time won’t have this kind of problem.

But if you still really love love does not forget about this woman, don’t lose heart, so, you still have hope, was two months not to send a text message to her, don’t call her a mobile phone, don’t say a word with her online. Cut off any contact. Then, the result of your best to study learning attract. Two months later, suddenly gave her a cell phone, or I want to say in the last two sentences, I noticed that you often by the nose by women, she’d like to see you, you want to talk to you not to talk to you, she didn’t want to talk to you, just ignore you, such a man, she would, at most, only as a friend, or Boston. In the woman eyes attractive men are dominated by men, men who have a bottom line, know what you’re allowed to, how does not allow others to him. Of course, some people see a woman not to return, he will be angry, will loose hair a lot of strange things, or meaningless questions waiting for asked “why don’t you back to me” tone. It’s like a naughty child, when no mother to buy him a toy, sitting on the ground crying, this is obviously not mature charm man, is very low value, the behavior of the drop. Women usually reaction would be, from now on add you to blacklist, to you anymore.

Would like to remind again. Blank before you “hand”, is actually afraid of the wrong hands, has lost this woman. This ultimately is scarce of thinking, is very few women in the world, I can give I hit an a, get a grip on. Such a state of mind will often conveyed through unspoken communication for women, leading to low value. High value of men think that women in the world of a lot of, half is a woman. Even if under a wrong hand, will not be afraid, there will be. So he will quote a relaxed state of mind, they make him better, more suited to his humor, personality, cause the woman to like him.

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